Lupe Disaster?


So call it me being a hater, call it me jelous, call it whatever the fuck you wanna call it… But i went to club nokia last night to see Lupe Fiasco. I have to say it has to be one of the worst rap shows i think ive every seen. I expected more, maybe too much from dude… Maybe i should’ve kept in mind that this is the dude that fucked up classic Tribe lyrics at VH1s Hip Hop Honors. I’m not a big fan of rap and a full on band. I’ve only seen one person pull this off with flying colors and that was Jay-z. I have yet to see The Roots and Kanye live and also i missed out on that Rakim, Ghostface, Brother Ali tour (Which i heard was really dope).

Back to Lupe…
Dude came out with a Mike Jackson type jacket… Cool… Underneath was another jacket. Which happened to be a sequenced looking Puff Daddy circa 1998 lookin thing. Underneath that was a rhinestoned tee shirt… From a distance it looked like a butterfly, but i think it as actually to pistols crossing. But still, rhinestones? really? haha come on…

He also assumed he was the first show at Club Nokia for some reason. Did someone not tell him Beck sold the place out like 3 nights before his show?

At the end of “Superstar”, there were like 3 break downs almost like a fin-alley. During this, Lupe was on his back what looked like some Susan Summers aerobics from days of Step By Step. So what seemed like it was grand closing, he gets back, throws a towel on his head and rocked another 2 or 3 songs. I enjoyed both his records, but this show was terrible. sorry.

house band wasnt bad. Lupe sucked. hype dude was too loud and did the bunny hop too much.

Whatever happen to turntables?
ps the pic clearly isnt from the show…


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  1. Maaan .. WTF? How the fuck can you say this ? I have seen his show .. And it’s the greatest show EVER ! Hands down .. It’s entertainment. And his does it good .. Very good. Guess you just don’t got the point of the show ..

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