Didn’t Really Make Much of an Impression on Jeremiah Garcia

Last night my homie Brett was googling names and I hadn’t googled “Silentarmy” in awhile so I did it. I came across some werds & pictures by Jeremiah Garcia on Icecreamman.com. I found out it was a review of a show I did with Eyedea & Abilities last year. This was actually the last time I saw my friend Mikey. I was unable to stick around for the whole set because I had to catch a flight and meet up with Mr. Dibbs & Sector 7g. After reading the review, turns out we “…didn’t really make much of an impression…” on Jeremiah Garcia.

I plan on changing his mind if the opportunity should arise. He did take some cool photos though. So for that I thank you Mr. Garcia and also thank you for even mentioning me at all.

To check out all the pics and the review of Eyedea & Abilities, Dosh, & Myself at the Ecoplex peep it all at


The Tour Hangover

All in all, Sector 7g killed it every night along with Motherfuckin’ Dibbs! Truth be told someone was bleeding everynight! Huge ups to Alex in the Chi and Katie out in Madison! My man Derek from Alumni, out in Madtown, hooked the kid up with some “Lost Oceanic Airline” Dunks. I love all the cities we hit and wish we could’ve done more shows! Lots of Steel Reserve was consumed along with some of that good ol’ Pabst Blue. I felt good doing a lot of new stuff that people were unfamilar with. Makes me feel good about finishing my record. Although I lost my notebook, I’m aiming on having a completed mixtape and record ready to May 1. The record I’m aiming to drop come August. Nothing has been set in stone about who will put it out I am leaning toward an option but my ears are still open…

Stay ‘Auto’ Tuned in for more bullshit. Here’s a few pics with a video on the way… Hopefully…


Silentarmy Versus The Travel Bug

It’s currently 10:20 AM and I’m in the Atlanta Airport…
After making such a bandit like escape from the Echoplex in Los Angeles, I found myself rushing to LAX for a flight was delayed by an hr…

Due to it’s delay, I missed my connecting flight to Minneapolis. I would’ve made it but we sat on runaway another 30 minutes waiting for a gate to open up. If you couldn’t tell I’m rather grouchy…

On a more positive note, I still feel the high of killing the Eyedea & Abilities. Maybe I’m just saying that because I didn’t see anyone play. haha.

Looking forward to setting a blaze in the cold tundra of Sioux Falls, SD. I’ll fill 10x better once I see my dudes Sector 7G roll up to MSP and I sit in car for 4+ hours… Long fuckin day. Until next time… Same Brad-channel. Same Brad-time.

Silentarmy x Mr. Dibbs x Sector 7g

What up world,

It’s been a hectic few weeks for me but here I am. In one week from tomorrow I will joining Eyedea & Abilities and Dosh as they take over Los Angeles. I was told that the doors open at 7pm. However, the Echoplex website says 9pm. Show info is below…

1154 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
9pm / $10 advance, $12 day of show / 18+

Right after the show, maybe even before Eyedea & Abilities finish their set. I will be headed to LAX to fly into ATL to fly into MSP and start The Still Addicted Tour with Mr. Motherfuckin Dibbs and the homies Sector 7g. The next 5 nights, 5 cities will encounter chaos in a cluster fucked hell basket… You won’t want to sleep on this run the tour info is as follows…

The Still Addicted Tour

2.12 Nutty’s North Sioux Fall, SD
Doors 9pm
21+ $8

2.13 Nomad World Pub Minneapolis, MN
Doors 9pm
21+ $6/$8 DOS

2.14 Abbey Pub Chicago, IL
Doors 8pm
18+ $10/$12 DOS

2.15 High Noon Saloon Madison, WI
Doors 9pm
18+ $10

2.16 Ciceros St. Louis, MO
Doors 8:30pm

Back II The Lab

Lots to flood you with…

First, Tomorrow I will be droppig a new song called “Ess16” produced by the homie Myself&Eye. I made this record hoping to fire up Chivas USA and my mans Sacha Kljestan to get that MLS Cup during the playoffs. Good Luck Sunday fellas… PS Someone should holler at Adidas to use the track for a commercial.

On another note, a new EP is in the works. As I predicted, It’s not going to be called “The Hangover”. I had a meeting yesturday and it was motivating in many ways… As of right now we’re looking for a first quarter 2010 release. Also in 2010 you can expect “Lik3 Cl0ck W3rk V0L. FR33”, some Autotune, a tour, and hopefully some Gut Rot Entertainment expansion.

more to come…

Lovefest Aftermath

Picture 1

After watching the interview I did with lovefestonline.com, there was something that kinda bothere me… When Georgia asked, “Where are you taking it from here? Are you writing right now? Are you thinking more video ideas?…” I noticed my answer had no real substance… Almost like I avoided the answer. I don’t want to make this post long and boring so…

After thinking all damn day about wtf I wanna do and wtf I’m doing, I decided I AM going to make a new record/mixtape… I was thinking about calling it “The Hangover” to follow “Smashed”, but I’m not 100% sold on that title so I doubt it’ll stick.

What I’m going to different with this project than the last few is that I’m not going to give myself a deadline… When it drops it will be at its best I can make it! If it never comes out then so be it. If I make 60 tracks I make 60 tracks! THIS WILL BE MY BEST WORK!! I’ve put together a list/outline of the people I would like to have onboard for this thing. I have absolutely NO budget for this project and anything with cost will be out of pocket.


“Yea I’m back to work now…”

…Bummer Man…

What up Internet?

Here’s whats happening in my world…

For those who follow me on twitter most likely already to know about the “Still Addicted” video being leaked. For those who don’t, now you do. Doesn’t seem like there’s much I can do about the situtation except post the video myself. So June 2nd, the video for “Still Addicted” will be posted via Gut Rot TV. Along with that I will post both “A True Addict” and “Still Addicted” mp3s for download for FREE. Along with possibly another goodie… Maybe another video, and or another track.

On a more positive note, I’ve been working on new material. Some shits tight. Some shits not so tight. My ear has fer sure changed. If you would’ve told me what I was listening to now a year or 2 ago, I would’ve probably laughed in your face. I get a little anxious sitting on tracks the public hasn’t heard and tend to rush myself to put it all out. I’m doing my best to try to be patient and make the best project possible. Although I did put together LCW Vol. II in less than a month. That shits not too bad. Haha…

So stay tuned to June 2nd, for that big update. Also coming up is the 1 year aniversary of “Like Clock Werk Vol. II” so I gotta think of something cool to do to celebrate or something. If your not on that Twitter shit get up on it…

Follow me http://www.twitter.com/bradleebaxter


Silentarmy on Playtheghost.com


Check out the “Fried” Video!!

“Fried” Remix – Update


Hmmmmm…. What now? Still waiting back on one more dude… I’ve gotta verse from Mes, J-murdah, and a new one from myself. I’m wondering if this is enough…

Behind The Scenes of Smashed

I meant to post this yesturday, but I got busy running around and juggling this and that. This is a behind the scenes look at “Fried” and “Still Addicted”. When I put this together with my homie Andrew, we noticed a lot of the behind the scenes are boring and long. We wanted to make it some what entertaining and funny. I think a lot of it however, was only funny to us. We’re idiots. LOL! yes i dropped an LOL.

Stephanie Myuco and myself directed both these videos and we put a lot of thought and work into making them. Special thanks to all of the crew for donating there time and hard work for this. The videos are shot and edited very very well. I can’t thank you all enough.

The video for “Fried” will drop 4:20 on 4/20. Along with that, will be a remix of the song you can download for FREE. Be sure to “checka check it out YALL!”

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