…Bummer Man…

What up Internet?

Here’s whats happening in my world…

For those who follow me on twitter most likely already to know about the “Still Addicted” video being leaked. For those who don’t, now you do. Doesn’t seem like there’s much I can do about the situtation except post the video myself. So June 2nd, the video for “Still Addicted” will be posted via Gut Rot TV. Along with that I will post both “A True Addict” and “Still Addicted” mp3s for download for FREE. Along with possibly another goodie… Maybe another video, and or another track.

On a more positive note, I’ve been working on new material. Some shits tight. Some shits not so tight. My ear has fer sure changed. If you would’ve told me what I was listening to now a year or 2 ago, I would’ve probably laughed in your face. I get a little anxious sitting on tracks the public hasn’t heard and tend to rush myself to put it all out. I’m doing my best to try to be patient and make the best project possible. Although I did put together LCW Vol. II in less than a month. That shits not too bad. Haha…

So stay tuned to June 2nd, for that big update. Also coming up is the 1 year aniversary of “Like Clock Werk Vol. II” so I gotta think of something cool to do to celebrate or something. If your not on that Twitter shit get up on it…

Follow me http://www.twitter.com/bradleebaxter


“Fried” Remix – Update


Hmmmmm…. What now? Still waiting back on one more dude… I’ve gotta verse from Mes, J-murdah, and a new one from myself. I’m wondering if this is enough…

Behind The Scenes of Smashed

I meant to post this yesturday, but I got busy running around and juggling this and that. This is a behind the scenes look at “Fried” and “Still Addicted”. When I put this together with my homie Andrew, we noticed a lot of the behind the scenes are boring and long. We wanted to make it some what entertaining and funny. I think a lot of it however, was only funny to us. We’re idiots. LOL! yes i dropped an LOL.

Stephanie Myuco and myself directed both these videos and we put a lot of thought and work into making them. Special thanks to all of the crew for donating there time and hard work for this. The videos are shot and edited very very well. I can’t thank you all enough.

The video for “Fried” will drop 4:20 on 4/20. Along with that, will be a remix of the song you can download for FREE. Be sure to “checka check it out YALL!”

Silentarmy “Smashed DVD” Production Pics

Here’s some pics taking from the set of my videos, “Still Addicted” & “Fried”. It was a 2 day shoot for 2 videos. Long days and props to everyone for sticking it out. All the pics were taken by Roland Arenz. Check em more on myspace.com/silentarmy and the facebook page.

Mac Book Wheel? Really?

I’m not so sure this is a great idea… cool for a hard drive maybe but im not spending 2.5k on an 8g laptop…

Peep the video…

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

Dr. Dre Eminem 50 cent – Crack A Bottle

THEY’RE BAAAACKK!!! I may be late but it’s offcial this ISN’T from Dre’s “Detox” record but rather Eminem’s new joint. Which a little more sense to me for some weird reason…

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