Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen

I am at a lose for words. I’m trying to put together my memories into words and I’m unable to do so. Eyedea had an amazing mind that could never be duplicated. Without Eyedea there is no Bradlee Baxter. I am blessed to have had the chance to have a friend like Mikey. I will see you again.

Micheal Larsen (EYEDEA) Memorial Fundraiser

“I am so Kljestan”


Sacha Kljestan gets put on the spot for Chivas USA’s weekly feature. The 24 year old midfeilder drop the kid’s name when asked about entrance music. Below is the quote from mlsnet.com and below that, you’ll find a clip of the song.

The song is in a demo stage at the moment. I plan on rerecording and mixing it and make it GOOD. I for sure killed my verse. The song is produced by The Argonauts and also as of now features another artist. I haven’t given it a final title yet, but it’s been floated around under the titles, “ARG 5”, “Good Vibrations”, and the more recent “Escalation”. The Kljestan line goes, “…This game ill never question/ That is so Landon I am so Kljestan…”. If you don’t get the reference or confused by it, Landon questioned Beckham’s commitment to MLS and stuff.

Picture 2


“Smashed” Line up Announce

Peep this iLL ass flyer made by Mes…

Behind The Scenes of “Drum Roll”

6 videos in 6 days?!? Shits on my 2 videos in 2 days…”Never Better” 2|3|09…

Sacha and the Juice Box…

Check out the homie Sacha Kljestan… Tough loss man but ill see you Thursday… Road to MLS Cup shot out to Gordon and the Red Bulls…


Mr. President

Mr. President Barack Obama

Mr. President Barack Obama

United the states once again. Boy does he have some work to do. Barack out with your cock out!

Vote suckaz…

Even if you don’t like either canidates. Vote Mickey fuckin Mouse get out and vote…If you didn’t register get an absentee ballot.

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