www.bradleebaxter.com Launches!

It’s offcial! www.bradleebaxter.com has finally launched! This is the official grounds for everything Bradlee Baxter. Which also means that “This Is What Happens When…” will be deleted in the next couple of days. Lots of stuff poppin off soon so head over to www.bradleebaxter.com for all the madness‚Ķ

Didn‚Äôt Really Make Much of an Impression on Jeremiah Garcia

Last night my homie Brett was googling names and I hadn’t googled “Silentarmy” in awhile so I did it. I came across some werds & pictures by Jeremiah Garcia on Icecreamman.com. I found out it was a review of a show I did with Eyedea & Abilities last year. This was actually the last time I saw my friend Mikey. I was unable to stick around for the whole set because I had to catch a flight and meet up with Mr. Dibbs & Sector 7g. After reading the review, turns out we “…didn‚Äôt really make much of an impression…” on Jeremiah Garcia.

I plan on changing his mind if the opportunity should arise. He did take some cool photos though. So for that I thank you Mr. Garcia and also thank you for even mentioning me at all.

To check out all the pics and the review of Eyedea & Abilities, Dosh, & Myself at the Ecoplex peep it all at



Over at silentarmymusic.com, we’ve rearranged some things around to help bring in that 2010. Also in 2010 is the 2 year anniversary of “Definition: Dead”. To help make room for the new record, I decided to drop a FIRE SALE on you guys and gals. Scissor Tees ONLY $5. “Definition: Dead” ONLY $2!!! All other cds are ONLY $1!!!! AND FREE SHIPPING!!! These are the last pressings of ALL CDS!! These WILL NOT be pressed up again. This is a limited time sale and WILL END 01.10.2010. DON’T SLEEP!!!


Silentarmy x Myself&Eye – “Ess16”


It’s Devil’s Night later this evening, until then, here’s the new track “Ess16” produced by Myself&Eye. Inspired by Sacha Kljestan and Chivas USA. Hopefully it lights a fire under their asses!! Big up big up Chuck9! Enjoy! Sorry the artwork isn’t as dope as I wanted it to be. I still have the original Essexteen logo I made back at Sacha’s house in Redondo. HA! Maybe next week we’ll have a video for the song… Maybe…

Silentarmy – “Ess16”

Silentarmy – Smashed Release Party


Silen‚Äčtarmy‚Äč will be relea‚Äčsing a new EP title‚Äčd “‚ÄčSmash‚Äčed”‚Äč.‚Äč This CD/‚ÄčDVD will ONLY be avail‚Äčable for one night‚Äč!‚Äč!‚Äč!‚Äč Each CD is hand made and will have its own indiv‚Äčidual‚Äč artwe‚Äčrk inser‚Äčt,‚Äč so no 2 will be alike‚Äč!‚Äč Get to the show early‚Äč to pick up your copy of “‚ÄčSmash‚Äčed”‚Äč as there‚Äč will ONLY be 50 copie‚Äčs!‚Äč!‚Äč!‚Äč!‚Äč AND ITS ONLY FIVE FRIGG‚ÄčIN DOLLA‚ÄčRS!‚Äč!‚Äč!‚Äč

Here’‚Äčs the event‚Äč Info.‚Äč.‚Äč.‚Äč
Type:‚Äč Party‚Äč – Night‚Äč of Mayhe‚Äčm
When:‚Äč Frida‚Äčy,‚Äč Janua‚Äčry 30, 2009 at 8:‚Äč00pm
Locat‚Äčion:‚Äč Alter‚Äčknit Loung‚Äče (‚ÄčKnitt‚Äčing Facto‚Äčry)‚Äč
Stree‚Äčt:‚Äč 7021 Holly‚Äčwood Blvd.‚Äč Ste. 209
City/‚ÄčTown:‚Äč Holly‚Äčwood,‚Äč CA
Cost:‚Äč $5 Gener‚Äčal Admis‚Äčsion/‚Äč$‚Äč10 Gener‚Äčal Admis‚Äčsion & CD/‚ÄčDVD
Perfo‚Äčrming‚Äč:‚Äč Silen‚Äčtarmy‚Äč,‚Äč Mes The Jive Turke‚Äčy,‚Äč Jabee‚Äč and more to be annou‚Äčnced.‚Äč.‚Äč.‚Äč

DON’‚ÄčT SLEEP‚Äč!‚Äč!‚Äč!‚Äč

Air Jordan 2009

Not a fan of these, but always a Mike fan. They’re not as dope as any numbered Jays but a brand is a brand. I don’t think people will line up for these. So here’s how head designer Jayson Mayden breaks it down…

9 – Trailer

Thought this trailer looked iLLi. Coheed & Cambria’s “Welcom Home” plays through out. peeps it. Tim Burton is involved with and stuff too…

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