Didn’t Really Make Much of an Impression on Jeremiah Garcia

Last night my homie Brett was googling names and I hadn’t googled “Silentarmy” in awhile so I did it. I came across some werds & pictures by Jeremiah Garcia on Icecreamman.com. I found out it was a review of a show I did with Eyedea & Abilities last year. This was actually the last time I saw my friend Mikey. I was unable to stick around for the whole set because I had to catch a flight and meet up with Mr. Dibbs & Sector 7g. After reading the review, turns out we “…didn’t really make much of an impression…” on Jeremiah Garcia.

I plan on changing his mind if the opportunity should arise. He did take some cool photos though. So for that I thank you Mr. Garcia and also thank you for even mentioning me at all.

To check out all the pics and the review of Eyedea & Abilities, Dosh, & Myself at the Ecoplex peep it all at


Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen

I am at a lose for words. I’m trying to put together my memories into words and I’m unable to do so. Eyedea had an amazing mind that could never be duplicated. Without Eyedea there is no Bradlee Baxter. I am blessed to have had the chance to have a friend like Mikey. I will see you again.

Micheal Larsen (EYEDEA) Memorial Fundraiser

The Tour Hangover

All in all, Sector 7g killed it every night along with Motherfuckin’ Dibbs! Truth be told someone was bleeding everynight! Huge ups to Alex in the Chi and Katie out in Madison! My man Derek from Alumni, out in Madtown, hooked the kid up with some “Lost Oceanic Airline” Dunks. I love all the cities we hit and wish we could’ve done more shows! Lots of Steel Reserve was consumed along with some of that good ol’ Pabst Blue. I felt good doing a lot of new stuff that people were unfamilar with. Makes me feel good about finishing my record. Although I lost my notebook, I’m aiming on having a completed mixtape and record ready to May 1. The record I’m aiming to drop come August. Nothing has been set in stone about who will put it out I am leaning toward an option but my ears are still open…

Stay ‘Auto’ Tuned in for more bullshit. Here’s a few pics with a video on the way… Hopefully…


Silentarmy x Mr. Dibbs x Sector 7g

What up world,

It’s been a hectic few weeks for me but here I am. In one week from tomorrow I will joining Eyedea & Abilities and Dosh as they take over Los Angeles. I was told that the doors open at 7pm. However, the Echoplex website says 9pm. Show info is below…

1154 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
9pm / $10 advance, $12 day of show / 18+

Right after the show, maybe even before Eyedea & Abilities finish their set. I will be headed to LAX to fly into ATL to fly into MSP and start The Still Addicted Tour with Mr. Motherfuckin Dibbs and the homies Sector 7g. The next 5 nights, 5 cities will encounter chaos in a cluster fucked hell basket… You won’t want to sleep on this run the tour info is as follows…

The Still Addicted Tour

2.12 Nutty’s North Sioux Fall, SD
Doors 9pm
21+ $8

2.13 Nomad World Pub Minneapolis, MN
Doors 9pm
21+ $6/$8 DOS

2.14 Abbey Pub Chicago, IL
Doors 8pm
18+ $10/$12 DOS

2.15 High Noon Saloon Madison, WI
Doors 9pm
18+ $10

2.16 Ciceros St. Louis, MO
Doors 8:30pm

P.O.S – Never Better

Rhymesayers own, P.O.S, gets ready to drop his 3rd record this February. I have to say this record is really dope. I should’ve written a little more and a lil better maybe i could’ve been on it… DMTR shots… Buy this on 2|3|09… Check the new tracks

Happy Holidays Tour Diary

Day 1 San Diego

Joelskee showed up to the crib around 5:30 and it was already pitch black. We threw our shit in the car and headed down to San Diego. Being the busy labor kids we are and the week notice, we didn’t get a chance to rehurse. We had a disc from the show we did with GZA awhile back so we bumped that shit figured out what we wanted to tighten up and scrap and what not. We arrived around 8:30 ish after doors said what up to everyone. I hadn’t seen Soulcrate since Sound Set back in May. I said my what ups and what have yous, then stepped on the stage to rock the set i so cleverly put together…
Set List:
The Nobody Kid/Nobody Famous
Brassknuxxx (M.I.A Blend)
Welcome to Hollywood
A Milli
Mask (A True Addict Remix)

We were cut short on time due to concerns about curfew. After we hoped off of course Soulcrate hoped on and said a couple “fuck you brads” which turned into “i love you brads”. I laughed. When Grieves step up to rock his set, I was a lil disappointed he took off the “Box G” box hat. I wanted to stay to watch Mac’s set but Joelskee and I had to head back to LA and reality. Fuck a job…

Day 2 Hollywood
So being the fucking rapper i am, I showed up after doors opened. I grabbed a beer said what up to everyone back stage. I noticed something I had never seen before, especially backstage in a green room. Turned out to be some kind of surf machine. Grieves turned it on and had me surfing for about a minute or so. I headed back downstairs to the stage had joelskee set us up to rock…
Set List:
The Nobody Kid/Nobody Famous
Brassknuxxx (M.I.A Blend)
Welcome to Hollywood
A Milli
Say it Again
Mask (A True Addict Remix)

I hoped in the crowed for the “True Addict” remix. I thought it’d be slightly iller… I took a half drank beer from someone. I’m not sure if he gave it too me or if I took it. All in all i thought it was good show, i had a good time…

Shout out to Black Clover and James Lynch for everything…


Silentarmy jumps the sleigh in SO. Cal

I will be joining Mac Lethal, Grieves, and Soulcrate on the Happy Holidays Tour next week. As of now, I’ll only be hittin up two nights with the Black Clover Clique. Starting off on Nov. 19, in San Diego, CA followed by Nov. 20 in Hollywood. I hope to be performing some new songs as I’m currently working on a new EP. I wont spill all the secrets as of yet, but it should be interesting…

Show info is as follows…
+ 11.19.2008 + The Happy Holiday Tour ’08
Venue: The Casbah
Address: 2501 Kettner Blvd
City: San Diego
State: CA
Phone: 619-232-4355
Doors: 8:30PM
Ages: 21+
Cost: $8/$10
-> Performing: Mac Lethal, Grieves, Soulcrate Music & Silentarmy
+ 11.20.2008 + The Happy Holiday Tour ’08
Venue: The Knitting Factory
Address: 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
City: Hollywood
State: CA
Phone: 323-463-0204
Doors: 9:00PM
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $12/$14
-> Performing: Mac Lethal, Grieves, Soulcrate Music, & Silentarmy

Hope to see you there….


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