Soccer Match With “MMA Qualities to it”

Oddly enough this chick only got a yellow card, and challenged the ref on it… You lady athletes can be brutal! Sick header tho. I finally got to use the ‘Smashtriss’ category but she wrecks shop fer sure…

Behind The Scenes of Smashed

I meant to post this yesturday, but I got busy running around and juggling this and that. This is a behind the scenes look at “Fried” and “Still Addicted”. When I put this together with my homie Andrew, we noticed a lot of the behind the scenes are boring and long. We wanted to make it some what entertaining and funny. I think a lot of it however, was only funny to us. We’re idiots. LOL! yes i dropped an LOL.

Stephanie Myuco and myself directed both these videos and we put a lot of thought and work into making them. Special thanks to all of the crew for donating there time and hard work for this. The videos are shot and edited very very well. I can’t thank you all enough.

The video for “Fried” will drop 4:20 on 4/20. Along with that, will be a remix of the song you can download for FREE. Be sure to “checka check it out YALL!”

Smashed Out Sell Out!!!

What up world!!!!
First I want to thank all you guys for coming out Friday Night to the Smashed Record/DVD release party. It was a super success as the show was sold out!!! This may mean beans to most but it means a lot to me! Ferealzys yo! Thanks to Mes, Jabee, Joelskee, Grieves, Chris Diaz and the Knitting Factory, and all of you guys!!! An extra special thanks to Stef Muyco for putting up with my mess! Pics will be up soon…See you at P.O.S!!!

Silentarmy – Smashed Release Party


Silen‚Äčtarmy‚Äč will be relea‚Äčsing a new EP title‚Äčd “‚ÄčSmash‚Äčed”‚Äč.‚Äč This CD/‚ÄčDVD will ONLY be avail‚Äčable for one night‚Äč!‚Äč!‚Äč!‚Äč Each CD is hand made and will have its own indiv‚Äčidual‚Äč artwe‚Äčrk inser‚Äčt,‚Äč so no 2 will be alike‚Äč!‚Äč Get to the show early‚Äč to pick up your copy of “‚ÄčSmash‚Äčed”‚Äč as there‚Äč will ONLY be 50 copie‚Äčs!‚Äč!‚Äč!‚Äč!‚Äč AND ITS ONLY FIVE FRIGG‚ÄčIN DOLLA‚ÄčRS!‚Äč!‚Äč!‚Äč

Here’‚Äčs the event‚Äč Info.‚Äč.‚Äč.‚Äč
Type:‚Äč Party‚Äč – Night‚Äč of Mayhe‚Äčm
When:‚Äč Frida‚Äčy,‚Äč Janua‚Äčry 30, 2009 at 8:‚Äč00pm
Locat‚Äčion:‚Äč Alter‚Äčknit Loung‚Äče (‚ÄčKnitt‚Äčing Facto‚Äčry)‚Äč
Stree‚Äčt:‚Äč 7021 Holly‚Äčwood Blvd.‚Äč Ste. 209
City/‚ÄčTown:‚Äč Holly‚Äčwood,‚Äč CA
Cost:‚Äč $5 Gener‚Äčal Admis‚Äčsion/‚Äč$‚Äč10 Gener‚Äčal Admis‚Äčsion & CD/‚ÄčDVD
Perfo‚Äčrming‚Äč:‚Äč Silen‚Äčtarmy‚Äč,‚Äč Mes The Jive Turke‚Äčy,‚Äč Jabee‚Äč and more to be annou‚Äčnced.‚Äč.‚Äč.‚Äč

DON’‚ÄčT SLEEP‚Äč!‚Äč!‚Äč!‚Äč

Silentarmy “Smashed DVD” Production Pics

Here’s some pics taking from the set of my videos, “Still Addicted” & “Fried”. It was a 2 day shoot for 2 videos. Long days and props to everyone for sticking it out. All the pics were taken by Roland Arenz. Check em more on and the facebook page.

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