So I Use The Auto Tune Function Tastefully???

What up famo!
I’m sure you’re all aware of how I’ve been writing a new recordslashmixtapeslashwhateveritscalled… Basically I’ve been working on new songs. After listening to myself the past 2 days, I’m leaning to scrapping all these songs I’ve made since the lovefest interview. Here’s why;

I feel that I’ve distorted any originality I had. It seems I’ve been writing auto tune music subconsciously and thats why the songs sound better with the program. However, Not all songs have auto tune on them and there’s not a single song with autotune on the entire thing, but it’s about 50/50.
I kind of thought putting 2 versions of what piece of shit artwerk I’m ready to put out… Auto tuneless and Auto tuned.

To sum it all up; If you’ve heard “Okay You’re Right”, that’s the kind of shit I’m on. In my oppinion, auto tune isnt too original an that’s why I’m in the mindstate I’m in… Don’t get it twisted I really like my new shit I think it’s my best work but I need to take singing lessons or start over or something…

Ok I’m done whining…

Lovefest Aftermath

Picture 1

After watching the interview I did with, there was something that kinda bothere me… When Georgia asked, “Where are you taking it from here? Are you writing right now? Are you thinking more video ideas?…” I noticed my answer had no real substance… Almost like I avoided the answer. I don’t want to make this post long and boring so…

After thinking all damn day about wtf I wanna do and wtf I’m doing, I decided I AM going to make a new record/mixtape… I was thinking about calling it “The Hangover” to follow “Smashed”, but I’m not 100% sold on that title so I doubt it’ll stick.

What I’m going to different with this project than the last few is that I’m not going to give myself a deadline… When it drops it will be at its best I can make it! If it never comes out then so be it. If I make 60 tracks I make 60 tracks! THIS WILL BE MY BEST WORK!! I’ve put together a list/outline of the people I would like to have onboard for this thing. I have absolutely NO budget for this project and anything with cost will be out of pocket.


“Yea I’m back to work now…”

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